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Kitty McKitterson, Esq.

Kitty McKitterson, Esq. on the job.

Kitty McKitterson, Esq. on the job.

I had this idea that I would write Flippy’s story, and I’d probably call it “Flippy’s Story.” Flippy is a cat, I think. She didn’t die. And I didn’t want to wait for her to die to write about her. I didn’t want to write a eulogy for anyone. If something alive is awesome, you don’t need to wait until it’s dead to tell everyone else. So I figured I’d write about Flippy, and then I’d do a follow up about Kitty and their various interactions. I was working out “Flippy’s Story” in my head and had about a month’s worth of other stuff to do. I was hoping to update sooner, but just ended up waiting to hear from people or for them to finish things, so instead of some interview or field story, I’d just write about the cats.

Then the worst few days of my life happened and I end up writing a eulogy. But not about Flippy, the weirdo cat with the health problems, but about Kitty McKitterson, Esq., the cat that would live forever, or at least five, or shit, even ten more years.

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