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feedtime at Bottom of the Hill, SF, SS10, May 2011. Photo By Icki.

This interview was “conducted” in May of 2011. I never thought I’d get to see feedtime once, but I got to see them TWICE as they came back in March 2012…the interview had still not been published by this time, but not for lack of trying. Maybe people think it sucks. I think it’s ok…even after nearly two years. To make it available to the masses, I’ve made this blog. So, one and a half years later, it sees the light of day. Woo.

     We all do dumb things when we drink, like the time I was standing near Rob and said, “I wonder if anyone has interviewed feedtime while they’re here.” This prompted Rob to say, “You should do it…you should totally do it!” And then Rick from feedtime walks by and I slur something like, “Hey, has anyone interviewed you since you’ve been here?”


     “Will you be at the show (SS-10: Day 3) tomorrow?”


     “Can I do it then?”


     I’m no interviewer. It takes me forever to transcribe anything because I hate the sound of my nasally squeak of a voice. Aside from that I’m not even an expert on feedtime. I like their music and lived in Australia for nine months…great – I’m qualified. I guess I just like doing things I haven’t done before, which might explain why I have so many degrees and so few jobs (a year and a half later I still do not have a job). I went home and typed up a few guideline questions and fell asleep with my mouth gaping so I could snore extra loud. 

     At the SS Record Swap I began getting kind of nervous (which was good because the sweaty sheen and mildew odor camouflaged me well amongst the record collector dudes). “What if I can’t hear them? What if they say all of this great shit and I forgot to push record? Or I spill beer on the recorder? Or they yell at me?” I kind of started hoping they weren’t going to show up, even though I knew Tom would be drumming for Three Toed Sloth in a few hours. There they were. Then, and ONLY then, does Rick mention that Vice had already interviewed them*. Great. Perfect. I decide to proceed anyway because I knew I would ask the pertinent questions burning in everyone’s minds…like which Australian animal is their favorite, and had any of them ever been to the Pilbara? To find answers to these fascinating questions, read on. And don’t ever stand near Rob**.

*Rick says that I was the first person to interview all three of them together in person.

 **Actually I’m glad I stood next to Rob because he made me write about Cave City, I get to hang out with Chikn, Waffles and Bonni, and I get to exchange periodic emails with Rick.


Rick: So they give it [beer] to you in your own glass?

SCC: It’s Belgian! With Belgian beer they always do that! I only like really expensive beer or really shitty beer…I don’t like anything in between.

Tom and Rick: So what you’re saying we got…

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